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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Say What?!?!

It's Sunday and we survived.  The Party.  Whew, what a day, what a week!!

First, I learned that having the kids clean their rooms on Monday before a Saturday party is a big, fat waste of time.  There was no point and so their rooms were totally chaotic by yesterday and I could be embarrased that people saw their rooms like that, but let's get real...that's how they always look and if you're here to see clean kids' rooms, you will always be disappointed.

The week was a blur of shopping, trying to keep my children fed without our usual grocery trip....because I knew if we had real groceries we wouldn't have any room in the fridge for all the party food.  I think between Jamie and I, we ran somewhere every day last week, getting ready.

And then Friday.

Oh Friday, how you stressed me out.  Calla was coughing, miserable with allergies and my list was a mile long.  Up at dawn, down to Walmart for non-grocery stuff, back home to pick up Calla and Roo, shopping, picking up a friend, and then more shopping and then home.  And then work.  And work. And more work.  Mostly cooking and yelling at kids to clean up their areas and stay on top of laundry because our washing machine is almost dead and you have to do two spins to get anything dry enough to dry in the dryer.  Total chaos.

Then we had a break.  A total breakdown. Not a bad one.  We had a situation that had me laughing all night long, into the next day and even now I'm chuckling.  I am not sure why it's so funny but it is.

The friend that came to stay the night is the younger sister of my oldest son's love interest.  Apparently this younger sister was doing a first kiss re-enactment for her friend and went through the different scenarios of the kiss would be.  My son walked in on her more passionate version and was like "What the heck???"  So he texted his girlfriend that her sister was "humping the couch..." (and yes, humping is a tasteless word, I get it...but with male dogs constantly getting fresh with inanimate objects combined with a slight exposure to the 90's station on Sirius, humping is a word we use in this house, sorry to offend)

Mind you this is all going down in my living room, and I am just steps away in the kitchen.  I hear something about the offender needing to call or text her mom, and yeah, I sorta kinda took notice, but honestly there was NO room in my kitchen for anything, including concern about anything other than potato salad and jello squares.

The next thing I know, my oldest daughter comes into the kitchen saying that her friend's mother just texted her to "stop humping the couch, that's totally inappropriate..." and I lost it.  I mean, I LOST it.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Then I called my son down to ask what the heck was going on and apparently he walked in...saw what he saw, texted his girlfriend, who told her mom, who texted her daughter to stop it, who told MY daughter, who told me.  Does this strike anyone else as funny?  I mean all those people involved over something so stupid, so FUNNY??  I told Kyle to get real, that pretend kissing a couch wasn't "humping" (he insists it is,....the girl insists it isn't...and if I even try to talk any more about it, I start laughing all over again)  I then reminded both parties that they needed to get along because they may be spending every Thanksgiving together from here on out.  And they get along fine, but my eldest is a firstborn and doesn't like being teased about his first love relationship and is pretty vocal about it, whereas the other girl is very theatrical and funny and silly.  It's all good, but I did tell her not to hump the chair when she was in the kitchen. (Also scolded my son for the language because he really embarrassed the other party and that's not cool...but I think maybe the teasing about kissing might lessen a bit now LOL!!)

The party went well.  Crazy, loud and surgary and although Noah slept through most of it (He got hurt right before it started) he had a ball once he was awake, and especially after most of the people left.  An 18 foot slide is great fun and we're thinking party or not, we're totally adding a slide rental into our family budget, just for us.  That thing was awesome fun!!

Whew!  What a ride!

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