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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hooked on Hooking

When I started this blog, I envisioned many, many posts about my knitting as well as my family, but it turns out I suck at the whole picture thing. SO many steps.  Take pictures...upload pictures...choose pictures.  That's a lot of wasted knitting time dudes, so I don't make it much of a priority. Alas, I finally did snap some pictures and I figured y'all would think I'm lying about this knitting thing if I didn't provide some proof every now and then.  And well, most of this isn't even knitting, it's crochet...

And this makes me happy.


I've only been able to crochet for about a year.  It eluded me.  It's very, very different from knitting.  When you are knitting something, all your stitches are already there.  You cast on and just work what's on the needle.  With crochet, there are more decisions, and in my opinion is a bit more mathematical than knitting is, as far as getting the shape you want when you are done with the project.  I just couldn't "see" it the way I did knitting.  I found a really indepth picture tutorial for a granny square and just followed it step by step.  I finally figured it out.  I still couldn't read patterns at that point, but I could crochet.

But now?  Now that I understand by DOING an hdc in every st, sl the last.....I GET it.  I'm so proud.  I love figuring out new things!

On to the picture parade.

I already shared this on Facebook, but this is a Neat Ripple by attic 24 in 13 different yarns:

I also finished, border included the first color ripple I made:

This one is being set back because there are a few babies being born in my circle soon and this will make a lovely girl present ;)

Speaking of babies, if I'm going to have a girl present sitting around, I need to be fair to the boys too right?
This one is quite a bit smaller, but I intend on adding a really thick border of the chocolate all the way around to give it some width, plus it's more for the car or carseat ;)

Then, the cousin blanket.  Oy.  I ended up making it two repeats too wide, so I am just crocheting it in reverse order, using the old version for yarn for the new...and I added in a third green because I loved it:

And mother of the year goes to....someone who doesn't yell or have the OCD I do, but these two items definitely have me as a runner up!

Yeah, I knit a rooster, but the crazy part was that TAIL. Like 20 different tail feathers, and most of them are in a sparkley ribbon yarn.  It. Took. Forever. But it's done.
Playing with some of the crazy yarns I got in the grab bags.  This skirt fits Cassidy's Princess Pink, even if it does scream "Hoochie"  That's okay, I totally plan to knit leggings to go underneath, because really what else would I be doing with my  but outfitting a stuffed animal with proper clothing?

And lastly, a commission knitting. So what?   Yes I did get paid in yarn, but dudes, that's even BETTER than money in my world, trust me!

Wait, that wasn't last...I have been working on this H sweater forever, and it's at a point where it requires a lot of concentration.  Because I am doing the intarsia work.  I can't do this during my regular zone out times (like when doing phonics or science...this requires my undivided attention)

ALMOST done with the H.  Then I need to knit it up to the neckline and graft the back and front together. Before that happens though, I must sit with a yarn needle and take all those wonky stitches and pull them a bit tighter and neater, and then use the yarn tails to weave in around the H, THEN steam block the front before I attach it to the back.  I am glad the young man is patient because when I said this would take awhile I meant it.  I could have had in done in about a week, but it's like two colors.  Not enough to hold my attention for very long.  So it's a "have to" project that I pick up whenever I have a few moments late at night or very early morning.  Can't wait to see it all finished up.

So that's what I've been up to.  My yarn storage is out of control because I have so much.  So today I'm finishing up the organizing by color/project and we'll see if I can't pull a Tardis move and get all that yarn into my tiny storage space.  Must Knit Faster! (Or hook faster.  If I didn't knit...and all I did was crochet, I'd simply have to change the whole scene of being called Hookers....because I wouldn't like to be called that.  At all.)

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