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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stupid on an Organic Level

You know, one thing I really like about myself is that I enjoy people.   I don't just fake enjoy people, I really enjoy everything about them.  Very rarely do I find myself not liking someone and I try really hard to not let certain things get under my skin, because in my opinion whatever annoys me about someone else is probably way less annoying that half the things I do.  As I've gotten older, more and more things roll off my back and I like this part of aging.

But today, I'll confess to something that really, really gets on my nerves.  It's the "expert" mentality   The person who runs around shoving crap down your throat and in your face over and over and over, when they really have NO idea what they are talking about.  If you really ARE an expert, I'll sit at your feet and soak it up.  If you know something I don't, *awesome.*  I am very teachable and very much in love with learning.  If there's some bit of knowledge you can put in my pocket, I'm ever so grateful.

So, there's a blog written by someone I know.  This blog ticks me off.  Why you ask?  Because it's about health and nutrition and I know the person is trying to make money off this blog.  It implores it's readers to "get healthy" and "quit eating crap that will kill you...." and the like.  I'm sure you've all read stuff like that.  The advice varies depending on which agenda is being pushed and that's simply the way it goes.  That's also fine with me.  I'm smart enough to sort the chaff from the wheat.  So why does this blog get on my nerves...because this is a typical recipe you will see.

Super Duper Healthy Enchiladas

Organic cheese
Organic Hamburger
Organic Sour Creaam
Organic Green Chilis
White flour tortillas.

Enjoy this ORGANIC dish without guilt.

Okay, dude...we get it.  Organic is better for your health.  No pesticides=awesome.  But EVERY SINGLE RECIPE on the site replaces conventional ingredients with ORGANIC and most of them have something in them that is completely NOT FOOD.  Like white flour tortillas.  I'm not a food purist or snob, but this isn't a good food.  For those who are just trying to tweak their diets to include MORE GOOD and not less bad, this is totally okay, but the basic gyst of this alarmist blog is about surviving cancer and getting healthy and all that.  Organic Sweet Potato Pie with ORGANIC SUGAR is still bad news in terms of overall health.

But that's never addressed.  And it makes me crazy.

An organic dog turd is still a dog turd.  (But if it's GMO free, enjoy without guilt!)

I guess when it comes to people blogging about stuff like this, I feel like they should do a little more research and know what they are talking about.  What about our nation's epidemic of diabetes and insulin resistance? Our wide spread food allergies that are morphing from mere nuisance to deadly serious?  Having your organic cake and eating it too isn't the answer.  Ultimately, we all have to make decisions based on reality and I feel like preaching otherwise is irresponsible   Yes, people should be responsible for themselves s but when you demand the role of expert and leader, at least do it right.

For ME, organic sugar is out.  For good.  Honey is OUT and that's some GOOD stuff (my children still get it) and I am not so hyper focused on what I can't have, but what I SHOULD eat for my health.  I don't want my diet to look like everyone else's but with organic components.   (As a side note, have you ever noticed how people look at food as eating it makes them good or bad?  Like they'll say "I was bad today...I had chocolate cake..." That is interesting to me.  We don't say, when getting lower octane gas..."I was bad today, I got the cheap gas for my car..."  In that same vein, we really should be viewing it as whether or not we gave our tanks gas, or just water.  You aren't BAD for having chocolate cake.  There is no morality issue there.  It's a choice between FEEDING your body on a cellular level or simply FILLING it to feel full....but I digress)

I think I get angry because I get sick of fads, and of people saying if you do THIS you're going to be healthy and lose weight and float around on happy, cancer-free clouds (Another digression.  I am ALL ABOUT eating healthy and taking care of our bodies, and trying to get rid of cancer, but assigning a way to stave it off pisses me off.  It sort of downplays how random cancer can be and puts a whole lot of pressure on people who have it, essentially saying they could have prevented it.  I am sure we all know people who are perfectly healthy and do really well with their lifestyle and still get struck by the lighting known as cancer)

I know in the grand scheme of things, this is a moot point and probably a really stupid pet peeve, but it's definitely one I have.  If you want to be an expert, then BE AN EXPERT.  Don't be lazy about it.  Don't recycle the same shiz with pretty words and think you know what you are talking about.  And dude, don't try to make MONEY off of it.

However, if you're in the market for some b/s....I've got some organic pork rinds for sale ;)  Fried in organic lard, seasoned with organic salt.  Get your cancer fighting chiccorones right here.  Just call 1-800-FAT-YUMZ or visit my website at

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