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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Not Yarn, It's a Rescue Mission

I had a little accident on Etsy.  I was looking around at different vintage crochet pieces, just wanting some color inspiration, when I saw it.  My colors.  Old, unloved, with a story.

Over 25 years ago these lovely hand crocheted granny squares were set aside in a basket, while work and family filled my days. Now these older gnarled fingers are saying, Let someone else take up the task of doing the finishing up of joining them together and completing this afghan’s pretty border. 

And it had to become mine:

I can't even make these.  I don't know how.  The pattern will come with this and the extra yarn, and maybe I'll be able to make a few more squares,  but even if I don't, I will put together what I can (I can totally SC these together and add a border).

This is from 1974 (sorry to my FB buddies, I said '72 originally.  I got the date wrong.  It's still older than me!)  And I just love the fact that it's coming from it's original owner, and that I'm finishing something someone else started.

If only I felt such adoration for my own UFO's.....

But we won't talk about that.

(And this was totally less $ than the yarn to make a new version.  Quite a bit less actually.  And oh the colors!!)

Can.  Not.  Wait.

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  1. Awesome!!!!!! It's nice when you can get old afghan squares! I just inherited ALL of my mom's projects as well as yarns :) All Acrylics and Cottons.