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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Those things that call me....

So, I'm gearing up for my internet fast and I already know it can't be a complete and total abstinence.  I just have too many things I have to keep up on and while I'll be limiting myself HUGELY, I also know I can't just walk away totally without a hundred different balls being dropped.  Those balls falling would impact me negatively.  I'm not exactly sure yet what my parameters will be, but I have a few days to make up my mind.

What I really need is for new things and projects and to dos to stop assaulting my brain and I need time, space, room, whatever to wrap up some old things...

This owl obsession thing.  I bought the pattern and the yarn is headed my way.  I want to do a couple of these owls...just know...see how it will look ;)

This Harry Potter sweater....Mine is is green.  A young man is patiently waiting for this to get done.  And I'm ALMOST to the H.

This quilt for a June bride.  Was supposed to get done before JUNE wedding.  Let me tell you what.  Trying to sew with a baby crawling underneath you....close to the petal.  Yeah.  No dice.  I just couldn't get it done in time, but I'm two rows away from sending it off to the machine quilter!

My rooster now has a comb and a foot, but I have to hit the pause button to make a female companion for a gift.  That's my next project.

I also have a pair of longies to make and a ripple to wrap up (one more ROW woo!!) then onto another for my fabulous cousin.

And then I have real, non-yarny life to contend with.  Homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, farm animals and all that good stuff.  I also have a couple good books to read.

So my internet "diet" (I guess it's a diet since it's not abstaining totally) will hopefully enable me to have a few finished projects rather than a huge pile of undone.

We'll see ;)

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