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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Tried, I Really Did

I promised myself I would finish one more thing before I started another.  And by finishing I meant like for real.  As in all the ends woven in and the border crocheted and I swear I actually thought I could stick to this.  I failed.  Here's why:

Let's do some math here.  This is a twin sized blanket consisting of 77 granny squares (7 across, 11 down).  Yes, half of the blanket IS behind the couch, but beggars can't be choosers (and I begged Calla to take this picture for me because Emmy was sacked out on my lap.)  Now, each of those squares has 6 rounds, each a different color, plus is bordered in brown.  That means two ends of each color to weave in times 7 rounds, so 14 ends to sew in for each square.  Times SEVENTY-SEVEN.  That brings us to 1,078 ends to weave in.  One-thousand and seventy-eight  individual strands of yarn that I have to thread into a yarn needle and sew  in as to be invisible   Now, as I went I did a lot of the ends, which made the process more tolerable, but as I sat down to do it to "finish" I just couldn't build up enough motivation to finish this.  It's so boring!! It never ends.  I can spend two hours on this and it's like nothing changes. So in order to keep from stabbing myself in the eye with the aforementioned yarn needle, I played with some pretty yarn.  Some very pretty yarn (in my opinion that is...) and am done with the body of this...

This is the Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan, but a bit modified because I'm using worsted rather than DK.  The yarn is Mosaic Moon "Malayan Orchid" on Cestari Fine.  I need to knit on the button bands and then do the sleeves.  I was going for an "Emmy for later" cardigan, but I think Mallory might get some wear out of it, unless she grows three inches in a month, which has been known to happen!

I still have quite a few WIPs in the upstairs storage area, but they are boring me to tears.  I also had to frog Jamie's sweater.  Again.  For the THIRD time.  I just can't even begin to start that again.  I'm looking at different patterns to motivate me.  I also lost my size 7 12" circulars which has me bummed.  If I find those, I will be finishing another toddler sweater I have upstairs, if not I am going to start taking some of my bulky scraps and working up some granny middles.  Just for the heck of it.

I need new yarn or something.  I am lacking inspiration right now.  Either that or it's time to toss the bins and see if something speaks to me.

Or I could, you know, work on scrapbooks.  Because I'm not at ALL behind on those (deep regretful sigh.  Don't judge me.  I totally scrapped our 2003 Christmas this week!!)

Friday is knit night and I have no idea what to bring to work on.  I would bring the sock that is still being knit, but you know, I kind of hate it and only knit on it when the alternative is just not knitting at all (I keep it in the car at all times so if I have to wait on anyone, it's there to keep me occupied.  I'm not a good sitter and waiter type person) And since I can plan in advance what to take, a sock is not my choice.   Maybe I'll bring the blanket and sew in ends.  Maybe sewing in ends with friends, wine and food is better than sewing in ends at home! If not, I can ignore knitting altogether and just enjoy the adult company.

Yeah, who am I kidding? Not knitting.  Pfffttt....

Will toss the stash tomorrow and see what I come up with....

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