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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Karma Baby!!

A couple posts ago I promised my readers a little peek at my package (I need an upgrade on my humor chip because mine is still set on '12 year old boy', so this still makes me giggle)  Wanna see?

Isn't this gorgeous??  This is two skeins of sock yarn, dyed by an indie dyer.  The one on the left hasnt been reskeined to mix the colors and seeing the way its dyed, I think its going to do a self-striping thing, although it will probably be sometime after the whole Mayan Calendar World Destruction thing, slow as my first pair are going, but if I am living in an end-world scenario, at least I'll have some pretty yarn to keep my occupied in my not-fighting-for-survival moments.
Package came from:
Is it my dorkiness showing, or is getting international packages kind of cool?  I love it.  In my swap group (Karma Yarn Swap) on Ravelry, we have members across the globe.  So every so often, while I have to wait a little longer to get my yarn, I get these very cool global packages and even more important than the yarn, most of these packages contain candy.  Dude, international candy just tastes better than domestic.  The gals  over in Oz have some particularly good delights that I am not ashamed to admit I claim regardless of what yarn is coming with it. 
At Karma Yarn Swaps, someone opens a thread with an offer based on a theme (right now we have ABC, 123 Swap, Lets Bulk Up, Halloween, etc, etc...) and then someone else claims the first offer and makes one of their own.  You mail your yarn to the claimaint and the person you claimed from mails to you, over and over again, until the thread originator decides to close the thread by claiming the last offer in it.  Very much fun.  And a great way to get new yarn without adding to the stash.  I sent out 10 balls of a tweed that didn't really do it for me to get the yarn above.  Of course, sometimes you have some very generous people who sent way more than you claimed.  I have recently been blessed in just such a way when someone sent me 11 of my favorite balls of yarn instead of the 5 I claimed.  The gals over there are all nice like that and its a fun place to play.  If you're on Ravelry, come check it out.  Karma Yarn Swap.
 I recently picked up this bag at Jo-Anns for my sweaters that are waiting to be frogged and thought it was super cute.  And perfect for recycled sweaters.  See those cutesy birds and recycle signs.  Cute, cute, cute (And large.  Anything yarny must be of the large variety!)

I am almost done with my second fingerless mitt for oldest daughter, but having a hard time with the fiddliness of it while holding a very fussy baby, so I made a sacrifice and started something new (Ha!)  I'll reveal this later because I am still on the fence about it sucking. It's either going to be really cute, or it's going to be ungodly hideous, and until it tells me which, I'm keeping it a secret.  I've made some headway on one of my WIPs, the Harlot Poncho and I hope to have it done before it gets any colder in the mornings.  Our little spawn-slaves have to take care of the chickens in the morning, and with it being colder, I thought I'd be a good mom and make a poncho for the girls to fight over.  I'm nice like that :) 

I will leave you with an image of the most precious part of my day:

Sweet baby Squishy :)  She loves me! Must be that whole bringing her into the world thing....

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