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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who Are You? (Who? Who?...)

I really wanna know.....Who are you?

I guess straight up is that I like CSI.  That's one thing.  CSI fan (but don't talk about it because I am way behind and catching up via Netflix.  Appears I've had a couple kids since watching it last, and those things are kind of time sucks to say the least)

And that is another thing I am.  A mom.  To seven.  I know, that's a lot.  Yes, we know what causes that.  No, we aren't planning on stopping anytime soon, and I like to think that I function as a sane person on a normal day (Don't count on me for the abnormal.  Anything's possible around here and there have been a few days where I would have definitely qualified for some huggy coat action....hmm wonder if I can find a pattern for one on Raverly?)

Whoops, there's another thing I am.  A knitter.  Die hard, obsessed, will-have-all-the-yarnz K-N-I-T-T-E-R.  When I am feeling quite pleased with my knitting prowess, I done my secret idenity cape and become Madame Domiknitrix, but that isn't as often as I like.  After years playing with string and sticks, I still don't fancy myself a knitting superhero.  But I will be when I grow up.  I just know it.

Shiznit, that's another thing I am.  A grown up.  With a husband, a house and bills and all that nonsense that starts piling up when you turn 18.  (Yep even the husband part.  I got married when I was 18.  Silly teenager, but still married, happily even, so I guess it wasn't too stupid on my part and my mother's heart attack over the whole situation was quite unwarranted if I do say so myself)

I've always wanted to be a blogger.  And I've had a few false starts, rambling here and there about shiz no one cared about.  And then I cared that no one else cared and stopped.  Silly me.  What really makes a good blogger is a person who's willing to understand that somewhere out there someone else will hate absolutely every single thing you write, think, feel, knit (the horror of this cannot quite be understood by my knitterly brain, but it's true...) and so the real skill isn't in the writing.  It's in the not giving a shiz.  See, writers have to write even if there is no audience.  If you are writing for someone else, it's pretty much guaranteed to be crap, or at the very least a very watered down version of your very awesome self and who wants to read that swill? 

I'll end this post with some keywords.  Just little hints as to what this blog might be about.  A random assortment of words that might sum up what my life is about and why you might want to follow along (I can't for the life of me think of anything about me that interesting to follow, but my Mom thinks I'm pretty neat, so it's that sort of unearned boost to my esteem that gives me the courage to put this out there...)

Let's see here, some words.  Kids.  Chickens.  Log cabin. Knitting. Yarn.  Packages containing yarn. Potty Mouth (oh I might look sweet to others.  When my mouth opens, that changes the scenery quite a bit) Homeschooling.  Thrift Shopping. Nutrition. Yarn.  Recycling.  Renovation. Teenagers (Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Preteen. Isn't this fun?) Cleaning. Schedules.  Organzing. Guilt. Body-image. Dogs. Mice. Slutty side projects that lure me away from my True Love.

And more.  (You GOTTA add the more, because life is just too random not to!)

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