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Monday, November 19, 2012

34 Random Facts

In honor of my here-on-earth anniversary, marking 34 years of existence, here are 34 random facts about me, one for each year I've inhabited this plane:

1. Even though I own a coat of my own, I always grab my husband's when I go outside.  Not sure why.  It's roomier and slouchy and I like it.

2. When I am feeling a little down or a little silly, I will YouTube fainting goats and laugh until I hurt.  My children watch me like I've lost it, but end up laughing at me laughing.

3.  I taught myself to knit for one pattern and one pattern only.  I never intended to be a "knitter."  I am not sure what happened.  Now, I'm addicted to it.

4. I have a slight obsession with fuzzy socks.

5. I have changed diapers for approximately the last 5,200 days of my life.  Every day.

6. Which leads to...I use cloth diapers and used to own a business in this realm. My name used to be kind of "out there" in this area.

7. I completely DO NOT miss having a business and dealing with other people's personal issues. 

8. I love very, very much.

9. If I had unlimited funds, my entire wardrobe would be vintage clothing from Etsy.coom

10. It's not, so Old Navy is my go to store for clothes. 

11. I round out my wardrobe by thrift shopping, which really isn't a budget-concious thing, I just have a thing about looking like everyone else all the time. 

12. I usually wear my hair red. I am not a natural redhead but I look like one.  Pale skin and all that good stuff.

13. I hate the sound of a dog licking themselves to the point it makes me angry, annoyed, and violent.  I have been known to throw a scary object at an animal doing this, just to scare them off.  Gross.

14. My teeth chatter violently when I get cold.  Jamie thinks this is adorable.  I do not.

15. I love to cook, but hate my kitchen so much (right now) that I try to be in there as little as possible.  It will be a living dream when it's remodeled.

16. The most expensive item in my house is a musical instrument.  It cost more than a nice little used car. 

17. My favorite stations on Sirius are 80's and Hair Bands.  No idea why. Probably makes me a dork.

18.  I love make-up a lot.  I'm not even the primpy type girl, but I do love making up my face. It's like coloring or something.

19. I love labeling things.  With a label maker even.  In my perfect world, my house would have labels all over it so there would be no confusion as to where things belong.  But, toddlers love to peel off labels, so yeah, not happening.

20.  I think Las Vegas should have a parental advisory warning on every major entrance point into the city.  For real.

21. I sometimes pretend that laundry can "get done" and the house can "stay clean."  I live among this fantasty every day and even when it NEVER happens, I still hope someday it will.

22. I used to write poetry. One day when I was cleaning, I threw it all out because I was embarassed by it.  Sometimes I regret doing this, but most of the time I don't.  Its kind of like looking back at a picture where you are breaking every fashion rule known to man.  The memory lingers but there's no need to have living proof of it. 

23. My first "true love" is among my facebook friends.  We don't even talk.  I know nothing about his life now and barely remember what he looks like.  That's kind of weird now that I have teenagers.  To remember how "in love" I was makes me laugh.  I was dumb. 

24. I am hyper-sensitive to light.  Gotta wear shades.

25. I have a small circle of friends, but honesty, what I lack in quantity, I make up for in quality.  The people in my circle are seriously cool.  Like for real cool.  Very individualistic and well-rounded and smart and funny...yeah...just all around super cool people.

26. Despite my moderate level of intelligence and interest in all things intellectual, I still laugh my ass off watching Beavis and Butthead.  I can't explain this, but it's true.

27. I *despise* "the mall"  I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather shop at less.  I hate it more than Wal-Mart, but love the outer lying stores.  Weird. 

28. I got married only 50 days after meeting Jamie.  Still kinda hoping it works out *wink*

29. Even though I've actually been published as a writer, I dont' consider myself a really, real writer.  I probably never will, although I do hope to fufill the bucket list item of having a book with my name on it one day.  We'll see ;)

30. I can sew.  I have a great many quilts in this house made by my hands.  I really miss it, but don't have the time to devote to it like I once did.  I will again one day.  Something about a child like Noah and having an iron on the entire time I'm piecing a quilt doesn't mesh well.  I can't even think about that scenario too long and keep an average heartbeat.

31. I have a brother and sister I do not know. Much, much, much older than me.  Never met them, they don't even know I exist. 

32.  I would sell yarn to buy coffee.  No, really, I would ;)

33. I am growing my hair super long again.  Used to be waist-length.  And then I decided I wanted a perm and that Jamie and I should DIY it together.  Bad idea.  Like worst ever kind of bad.  I don't recommend it.

34. I am loving being 34.  There's something about aging and growing in wisdom that suits me. But if I ever look too old for my age, I am not above using cosmetic surgery to right a few wrongs. 

And there you have 34 things about me that you may not have known.  Or cared about.  Now, go drink a cuppa hot something delicious in honor of my 34 years and have a super great day!!

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